Borra Caves


                A visit to Araku is Beautiful, But a visit to Borra Caves Near Araku is Amazing…. Let us check it out about Borra Caves today. It is an Amazing adventurous place in East Coast. Every tourist adds a memory in his life after the visit to these wonderful caves. There are even more surprising structures looks like Mushrooms, temple, and church and if you are an imaginative one, will have myriad things whatever your imagination can match with. There are many crystal white calcium stones, all these shapes create an optical illusion of hidden treasure as it is illuminated, decorated and glittered by sixty-three lamps of made of mercury, sodium vapor, halogen. It would be a visual wonder of Nature’s Treasure.

Hotel Nearby:

Perfect location to stay is in wooden tree houses near Araku Valley.
Haritha Resorts

Taste the famous Andhra’s Bamboo Chicken near Araku Valley.

Make your bag full with fresh Spices.


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