Kalingapatnam Beach

Just come to the Beach, where the sea is blue and little white waves come running at you. A wave comes splashing over your toes, You just stand still and away it goes. we’ll build a castle down by the sea and look for shells…..
Kalingapatnam beach is one of the tourist attractive places in Visakhapatnam. Kalingapatnam beach is located at a road distance of 30 km from Srikakulam city in Kalingapatnam village.In the past times, Kalingapatnam was the harbor town for exporting cloth and perfumes. This beautiful beach is located at the junction of the bay of Bengal and river Vamsadhara.

This beach is more famous for weekend vacations and seafood. Perfect picturesque and the charmingly blend of sand, sea and the sky is the tourist attraction of Kalingapatnam beach.It is a natural beach and most ideal place for spending leisure time on a sea shore.



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